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We specialize in selling the world’s first automatic toothbrush. Our Toothbrush family is proud to introduce the latest, greatest innovation in the dental care industry at large. With its unique ability to brush your teeth in 30 seconds, it has a dual function of whitening & brushing your teeth.

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Our Story

The 360 Toothbrush has been invented by renowned dentist Dr. J. Dunn, who is a periodontist who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing gum diseases in the mouth. For years he has been treating patients with different types of dental issues from all over the world.

During his practice, Dr. J. Dunn discovered that most of these dental problems could have been prevented through proper cleaning and brushing of teeth and gums.

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As he researched further he realized, that despite the availability of a large variety of cleaning tools, creams, and brushes, uneven and improper cleaning of teeth was because of the irregularity in cleaning activity. This irregular routine is owed to busy lifestyles and uneven cleaning practices.

Based on the above, Dr. Dunn and his team of dental engineers and experts underwent active research for more than 3 years and developed this amazing product called 360 Toothbrush.

Our Toothbrush

Our innovative toothbrush offers its users a convenient, fast, and effective way of cleaning their teeth and gums anywhere and anytime they want.

It has built-in LED blue light that ensures whitening of teeth and its optimal pressure exertion and specialized angular design enables effective cleaning even in the hardest areas to reach.

Its gentle touch does not damage the sensitive gum lines and the antibacterial silicone mouthpiece accelerates the killing of mouth bacteria.

The product is recommended for daily usage and can easily work with braces and dental prostheses.

It is a simple, convenient, and innovative way of caring for your teeth and gums and preventing them from unnecessary problems and diseases.


Our values

Innovation is one of our founding values. We will never forget that our society was created by research and development. Innovation is essential because the beauty of your teeth is an endless quest that always calls for more performance. To constantly push the boundaries of knowledge is to open new ways to create truly different and surprising products. That's why we are currently working on our new projects that we hope to present to you very soon. 

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Our team

Our team is present daily to give you clear advice and to bring you all their experience in the service of your oral health.

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